Here in the Same Open Emptiness/After Marina Tsvetaeva An Installation by Artist Nancy Gail Ring
Comprised of 4” x 4” oils on panel 2012 -2013 Opening Reception: Sunday, June 2, 2013 3 - 6 pm
Nancy Gail Ring is a painter in love with painting and it shows. This exhibit comprises wee, tiny works so intimate yet expansive. These works provoke. Nudge. Stir. As a whole this is an Alice down the rabbit hole slice of this painter’s range, skill, mastery. Each of the small panels included in the installation are like an organ to the body. Vital and distinct, serving purpose so necessary to the whole. In her own words, “the installation is comprised of a sequence rather than a series of images; instead of variations of a single image, the panels depict inter-related unique images intended for reading like lines in a poem.” She uses the multi-layered glazing technique of the Flemish Old Masters. An under-painting referred to as “dead layer” in monochromatic black, white and grey holds every detail of the painting. In some panels, the dead layer is left revealed, inviting wonder. In others, the traditional application of multiple layers of colored transparent glazes over the dead layer creates illusionistic space that is as much about its reflective surface as it is about its content. . The installation opens on Sunday, June 2nd at the gallery. Nancy Gail Ring will be present. Join us from 3pm – 6pm.